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Lila Mae is the dream of Tonya Boddie McGhee and is named after her beloved maternal grandmother Lila Mae Jackson Freed who was and still is a source of inspiration of all things fashion.

It was while studying fashion design at Tuskegee University that Tonya developed an interest in jewelry design. During this discovery she also developed a love for semi-precious stones, especially in raw, rough form.  Upon completion of her education from Tuskegee, she  moved to St. Louis, Missouri where she decided to enhance her jewelry design skills by studying metalsmithing, glass bead making and glass fusing.

Lila Mae pieces are handcrafted using a variety of materials such as genuine semi-precious stones in various finishes along with a variety of metals such as Sterling and Fine Silver.

Lila Mae designs are innovative and created with the fashion forward woman in mind, the woman who isn’t afraid to make a statement.

Lila Mae... Make a statement without uttering a word!

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